TBU Compost Turner

Project Description


TBU Compost Turner

The absolutely precise, vertical restacking of the material ensures such a good mixing of inner and outer windrow-layers that after a rapid compost ripeness there arises a thoroughly homogeneous end product of the highest quality. Our mobile compost turner for 3-point linkage of/ for a tractor with a minimum of 130 HP engine allows a „turning speed“ with 5 km/h and more application areas: compost windrows target groups: compost plants and humus plants.
Unique Selling Propositions:

  • compact and easy operate machine
  • high throughput -
  • space-saving in comparison to triangle windrow( windrow height up to 3 meters)
  • very good mixing of the material strata
  • shredding of the wood pieces in the material -reactivation of the microorganism by better air supply
  • Shorter composting process and higher quality of the compost
  • drive through tractor (minimum 130 HP – max. 300 HP) with solid Powerdrive
  • PTO shaft with overload clutch
  • easy changeable milling tools
  • dropping distance of the material is changeable by dropping clap on the rubber conveyor belt working in pull direction
  • free view for the operator

For smaller tractors a swinging trailing axle can be optional extend.