Flex Star 3000

Project Description


Flex Star 3000 - Screening in perfection

Powerful screening of 3 fractions in a single operation for a precise processing of biomass, compost and wood chips. To utilized the shredded material as best as possible, it must be separated into three fractions. With the Flex Star this is also possible in the most difficult circumstances due its unique W ° Starscreen system. The changing of the grain size is now as easy as never before! Diesel-hydraulic drive infinitely adjustable Large hopper volume of approximately 6m³ Fine, middle and coarse screening stage are adjustable by the speed of the starshafts Space-saving and cost effective screen inserts Screendeck is modular replaceable for fine & coarse stage.
Application areas:

biomass, compost, wood chips, bark mulch target groups: compost plants; humus plants; Bio mass power plants

Unique Selling Propositions:
  • Flexible use (applicable in different materials)
  • Good function even with moist material
  • Short design can also be used in confined spaces
  • Quick & easy to convert from transport to working position
  • Diesel-hydraulic drive (currently 102 HP Perkins engine)
  • Chassis with 80 km/h road approval - ABS standard
  • Large material feed hopper - material feed is effected by means of rolling floor with high drivers - speed continuously adjustable by means of potentiometer
  • Stepless adjustment of the individual screen decks (speed of the star shafts) - grain size and selectivity can be determined by this
  • Both screen decks easily replaceable (approx. 2h per screen deck)
  • Metal finger bars can be replaced individually
  • Easy to maintain by swivelling the components away
  • Easy operation> automatic start - stop
  • All components can be operated via radio (optional)
  • Machine can be moved via creep speed
  • Higher discharge height possible due to longer belts
  • Modular design (optionally applicable as 3-fractions or on request as 2-fractions screening plant)